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Cilio accessories

Cilio accessories

Cilio accessories

Our Cilio Coffee cups

High-quality table accessories combining timeless design with high functionality. Cilio stands for creativity and innovation. High standards of quality, design & function. In short: Cilio offers you espresso and coffee accessories of high quality and noble design. If you want to have an great looking coffee cups at serving your special guests and any get-together you should order a pair of those attractive coffee mugs.

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  1. Cilio Latte Thermometer

    Stainless Steel Latte Foam Thermometer,
    Product Code: 9029

    Tillgänglighet: i lager

    Standard Delivery Time: 2-5 giorni

    117 kr
    Inkl. 19% Moms, exkl. fraktkostnad
     till korgen
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1 Item(s)