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Danesi pods

Danesi pods

Danesi pods

Our Danesi E.S.E. (Easy Serve Espresso) espresso pods

Over 100 years ago Alfredo Danesi established the "Nencini e Danesi” coffee shop in Rome, Italy. Danesi coffee works from the premise that the best coffee can only be produced from the highest standards. The Danesi pods are characterised by a perfect and harmonious combination of Arabica Coffee from Central and South America. An overwhelming smoothness, sweetness, fine aroma and intense flavour, featuring delicate notes of lemon and chocolate are the product's properties. Its ideal body structure is obtained through the best Robusta available worldwide. At the touch of a button, guaranteeing consistent great coffee quality. Try the perfectly proportioned and sealed Danesi pods today!

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  1. Danesi Espresso pads

    15 ESE- Espressopads från Danesi Caffe

    Kultespresso från Rom i ESE-Format.

    Passar till alla maskiner som har E.S.E. system. INTE för Senseo eller andra kapselsystem.

    Product Code: 1652

    Tillgänglighet: i lager

    Standard Delivery Time: 2-5 giorni

    Inkl. 7% Moms, exkl. fraktkostnad
    (Base Price 46 kr / 100UNIT_SHORT_G)
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