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Maestoso coffee

Maestoso coffee

Maestoso espresso coffee

Our Maestoso coffee

The Maestoso blend guarantees a powerful aroma experience and can be served as espresso or cappuccino. The beans are gently roasted with tradition in the drum. 100% Robusta Coffee with "Wakey Wakey Effect".

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  1. Maestoso 100% Robustabönor

    Espressobönor i 1000g påse

    Med Maestoso dricker du en sällsynt 100% Robusta blandning med 100% koffein-boost.

    Product Code: 1881

    Tillgänglighet: i lager

    Standard Delivery Time: 2-5 giorni

    Inkl. 7% Moms, exkl. fraktkostnad
    (Base Price 150 kr / 1UNIT_SHORT_KG)
     till korgen
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