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Klassik porslin Mjölkkannor & Creamer

Klassik porslin Mjölkkannor & Creamer

Our branded Porcelain Pitcher

Our beautiful pitchers make a simple statement on any table or counter and is perfect for everyday use. Whether used for cream, water, or any beverage for your guests, our branded porcelain pitchers will add a lovely touch to your entertaining. Strike a comfortable balance between formality and hospitality. You'll never drink coffee the same way again with our chic, dishwasher-safe coffee creamers. Have a look and get your favorite set together with your next coffee order.

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  1. Kimbo Caffe Milk Jug

    Kimbo milk jug 100ml, for milk or creme
    Product Code: 2472

    Tillgänglighet: i lager

    Standard Delivery Time: 2-5 giorni

    59 kr
    Inkl. 19% Moms, exkl. fraktkostnad
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