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Mokamo capsules

Mokamo capsules

mokaMO capsules

Our mokaMo Nespresso® compatible capsules

mokaMO is a roasting plant from Trento in South Tyrol. Founder of the company was Merlin Oddene in the 60s. On the base of an old house recipe he created his first blend in 1987 - the Brao Caffe! In his search for the perfect espresso he proceeded to the even higher quality claim, the 100% Arabica Espresso by Mrs. Rose, that conquered the coffee market only one year later. In 2010, he developed a great coffee blend, for automatic espresso machines, named MokaMo. Now also available for the Nespresso® system. The Mokamo capsule contains strong coffee with low acidity and little bitterness, ideal for cappuccino and distinctive served as an espresso, thanks to the Intense and velvety taste with strong chocolate and crunchy characterization. Full and round taste, medium caffeine content. A must try for every espresso lover.

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  1. 25 Mokamo Nespresso®* kompatibla kapslar

    Mokamo kapslar för maskiner med Nespresso®* system

    25 stycken à 5g

    Kraftigt kaffe med minimal syra och nästan inga bitterämnen.

    70 % Arabica, 30 % Robusta

    * Detta märke tillhör varken MoKAMO srl eller ett till dem knutet företag.

    Product Code: 1689

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1 Item(s)