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Toraldo pods

Toraldo pods

Toraldo pods

Our Toraldo E.S.E. (Easy Serve Espresso) espresso pods

Suitable for all machines working with the E.S.E system. An absolute top class gourmet espresso. The pads are packed in individual sachets, vacuum-packed, vacuum-packed, in perfect dosage for an espresso according to the best Italian tradition. Toraldo Pods line for home brings the coffee bar directly to your house. Creamy, light, available in two different blends Arabica and Classic to satisfy the most demanding palates. The Arabica Pods are a nice and sophisticated blend with an intense taste and fruity aromatic notes. The Classic Pods are a blend with velvety aroma, firm body, creaminess and persistent chocolate aftertaste. All pods will work with the Starbucks Barista and any home espresso machine that came with an ESE adapter. A sophisticated blend looking and tasting like coffee made at the café. 

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  1. Toraldo Classica ESE-pods, 15 St

    Dessa pods kommer i individuella vakuumförseglade förpackningar. En perfekt sats för en Espresso av bästa italienska tradition. 15 Toraldo Classic Kaffepods, E.S.E. Dessa pods är INTE lämpliga för Senseo, Lavazza eller något annat kapselsystem!
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